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"Our movie company is filming a feature movie with a lot of high class party scenes. When we saw the DD mansion, our producer, our director and all of our staff were elated to have such a wonderful place to film and also play. Our actors and actresses are all in awe with this property, all they did was taking great photos of this place to tell their friends on Instagram and Facebook, what a great place they have just filmed at. One has to be here to really believe it. This place as a private mansion is just out this world. When we first walked in, we thought we were at Caesars Places or the Venetian Grand Canal shops areas. What a wonderful place and we will be back with another movie or TV project. All of us just love it. On a scale of 1 to 10, we will give it a 15!!!!"

Rental Disclaimer

All rentals will need to be 31+ days to meet Clark County current ordinance. Other Clark County ordinances on noise level, public parking, etc. are also required to be observed. For details please refer to our Property Rental Agreement.
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