TotalMax Homes is a unique company dedicated to providing the best Las Vegas Total Solution packages in the industry. We are recognized as a leading pioneer in the Medium-Term Rental (MTR) sector, due to our innovative TVS(TotalVegasSolution. We are committed to ensuring that every facet of our clients’ Vegas experiences is high quality and ultra-fine. Despite our high luxury and large capacity offers, we strive for and achieve the best experience for our targeted clients with regard to value and cost per person. Improving our clients’ total value in relation to their Total Vegas Solution Value Chain Benefits is what we focus on working on and improving on. Our targets have been set high and right, so that we continuously improve, achieve, and attain higher and higher value offers for our clients in the present and the future, through our total solution value chain.


Las Vegas is the #1 exhibition and conference destination globally, not to mention one of the world’s best entertainment destinations. Visitors come to Vegas for Fun, Excitement, and Business, and experience all of that in the uniquely Vegas spirit. TotalMax Homes is recognized in the market as a leading provider in total solutions to clients coming to Las Vegas. We strive to excite, pamper, and inspire our clients, never forgetting the overall cost per person per day. With our unique and innovative Total Vegas Solution(TVS), we are dedicated to offer and attain the best combination of experiences for all of our wonderful clients, all at reasonable costs. We at TotalMax Home aim to always excite, inspire, and entertain our guests from all over the world.


TotalMax Homes is a leading entertainment real estate company focused on total solutions and dedicated to providing the ideal experience/value/cost combinations to our clients in Las Vegas, the entertainment and exhibition capital of the world.

Working together with our strategic value partners and our well trained, dedicated, and carefully selected team members, we strive to continue pioneering and improving our TotalVegasSolution(TVS) to provide world travellers with the best Las Vegas experiences.


Total Solution On The Complete Value Chain:

Team Work--Internally and externally up and down the total value chain:

Total Solution on the Complete Value Chain.
  • Las Vegas remains a unique experience in all clients’ minds as time goes by. The reaction to the word “Vegas,” is a certain excitement passing through, meaning Fun, Fun, Fun, alongside all the conferences and exhibitions that make Vegas the number 1 destination in the world.
  • What Total Solution means for a Vegas trip is: Luxurious yet affordable accommodations; fun under the sun with pools and beaches, even within a desert setting; amazing food in abundance; proximity to The Strip and 24 hour excitement, especially at night; night clubbing with discos and singing well into the wee hours of the morning; easy access to all exhibition venues and great conference/meeting facilities at the place of stay; and much, much more, all providing great value and within a manageable budget and overall cost compared to other destinations.
  • At TotalMax Homes, we recognize the uniqueness of Vegas experiences and all the high expectations our potential guests possess.
  • Based on all the stated facts and beliefs, we have innovated and built our TVS solution-based facilities and services, together with our strategic partners up and down the value chain, in order to offer the absolute best living, moving, eating, and entertainment packages to our clients. Not only is this the best that money can buy, but we are proud to say that we have the best total per person, per day value in the fun capital of the world.
Teamwork—internally and externally; up and down the total values chain.
  • Learning from the best practices of great companies this world over, we gain a deep understanding that, from a customer’s perspective, whether the experience is good or not, is not just based on performance; rather, it is based on the overall experiences of a customer in a particular establishment. That is why we follow the precedence of the best companies in our field, to learn and improve on what we can provide to our clients.
  • We dedicate to find the best total solution partners—and train together with them—so that together with our suppliers and vendors; our property management company; our guest star chefs, transportation companies, and many other value-added partners—we continue to learn and improve the customer’s overall Vegas experience with each passing day.
  • We strive to provide the best total solution for our guests that is beyond satisfactory; for us, “satisfactory” is mediocrity. We aim for the best overall experience possible, together with a great deal of value for the customer’s Vegas trips in years to come.
Learn from the BEST.
  • Benchmarking the best business practices is but a means to our goal at TotalMax Homes. We aim to innovate the way businesses are conducted by learning from all successful companies. We recognize that we are still far from the world’s leading customer providers; we continue to observe, learn, benchmark and introduce best business practices from the great companies; we strive for excellence in everything we do. Nonetheless, we do understand that it is our customers and investors that can judge us best in our overall performance.
Integrity and Responsibility.
  • We hold integrity at the highest regard. Our client’s values, and our reputation as a total solutions provider, are always ahead of our own profit. We strive for the perfect balance between customer values, team member values, and investor values. We believe in the proper training, organization and empowerment of our team members in order to provide the best possible solutions for our client’s stays in Vegas, as well as best ourselves with each client, regular or newcomers alike. The overall satisfaction of our customers will ultimately provide satisfaction to our investors, as well. As a company, this is what we work for, and continue to improve, without pause.
Excellence in providing the best customer values.
  • From luxury living, fine food, entertainment and transportation; to providing conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, partying facilities and special event locations, we work tirelessly to visualize, organize and achieve the best total solutions possible—all within the best possible cost, along with our sister company, TotalVegas Solutions (TVS). We are not just aiming to meet customer demands; we are here to visualize and provide what the customers love, and to think of countless other ways to provide only the best customer experience in this unique Vegas platform.
Dreams & Desires Mansions
Oasis Oakey Mansion
Retreat of Revelation
Enchanted Elegant

Rental Disclaimer

All rentals will need to be 32+ days to 6 months (MTR). Other Clark County ordinances on noise level, public parking, etc. are also required to be observed. For details please refer to our Property Rental Agreement.
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