If you love roller skating, you know that magic happens when roller derby, park and roller skaters of all disciplines get together. Well, picture this: a few thousand derby players, park skaters, dance skaters, officials, productioneers, vendors, announcers, vendors, photographers and fans from all over the world, all gathering in Las Vegas to share some stories, raise some hell and get their skate on. RollerCon 2019 is the fifteenth annual “meeting of the wheels” in Las Vegas, and it really, really just gets better every single year. Its also getting a LOT BIGGER this year, too!

New to roller skating? Seasoned and scarred veteran? Every skill level is welcome, and we’ve planned tons of events for everyone to enjoy!

The most surprising thing many people find out when the get to RollerCon is that Las Vegas is hot. Like 3rd rung of hell HOT. Our facilities are air conditioned! But the combo of hot, dry air outside and chilled, dry air inside can be hard on on people.