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Amara A.

"Fun, fun, fun. Luxury, luxury, luxury. I am so happy that my parents booked this place for my birthday! I am 18 now and I have never been to a place like this. Thank you, mom and dad. Best birthday ever!"

Olivia Jackson

"We came in expecting a good time, we left with a wonderful time. What a place! So much luxury and fun to enjoy, even a full gym with 900 lbs of pro weights. The pool is amazing with even a swim up bar under Palapa. What a place. We will definitely come back again."

Devin Gray

"My and my husband just married and had our wedding after gathering at this place with 50 of our friends. We loved the place, and the professional star chef that they have guided us to as their partners for special occasions. All of us had a wonderful time, and we all fit into the biggest kitchen I have ever seen, even on TV. Thanks for the good memories."

Shira Smith

"I have been coming to Vegas since I was 18. I have never seen or stayed at a place like the DD mansion. I, my BF Todd and our friends had the best time in the huge resort pool like at any big strip hotels, but all to ourselves. What a wonderful birthday gift from my boy friend! Thank you, Todd, I love you. Now hope we have more times at DD mansion, just the two of us next time. LOL"

Aaron Douglas

"This is a wild place with so much stuff. We walked in and saw the blue sky and all the Italian designs, we thought we were at Venice or Rome, or in Caesars place. All those marble statues and indoor waterfall are amazing for a mansion. The price was so good per person we will always book this place each time we are in town now. Of course if I come by myself, I would not do it. Hehe. As it sleeps 39 people with 12 bedrooms."

Emma Potter

"Very professionally done! Our company had our top management meeting and leadership training at the DD mansion, as we wanted to be close yet not on the Strip so we can work well during the day and play hard at night. DD gave us both at their single location. We had good meeting in their large conference room that fit 20 people, and we had so many places for our breakout sessions both in and outside the mansion. The cost per person is amazing with so much amenities at this place, even a 3000 bottle wine cellar, not to mention the 8 water works including 2 pools and 5 kitchens. Our CEO was very happy with me booking this place and I will do it again for our other high level meetings and conference."

David Franklin

"Our family and friends traveled many times to Vegas, never have we imagined there is a place like the DD mansion. Our whole family, especially the kids had such a fun time there. The pools are amazing. The Chinese Garden is just so Zen to us adults. As we are from Hong Kong, this is a place to be for us Chinese to enjoy both the Vegas fun and tranquility at the same time. We are telling our friends and none of them believed us. DD is a seeing is believing kind of place!"


"We are so glad that we have choose the DD mansion over strip hotels. Not only all 30 of us fit in without a problem, and the price per person was so much better. Yet that is not what is best about this place: all the fun stuff it has are so amazing. Great two pools, great workout room, such huge kitchen that all 50 of our friends and families all fit in at the same time. We will be so happy to come here for our next family gathering party and fun stay. Thanks a lot, DD. Good memories."

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