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Katherine Kelley

"R&R is such a fabulous property! I loved walking in through the front entrance and passing a beautiful outdoor space to host parties. There was also a lovely waterfall at the front that made for a very relaxing setting. The colors are cool toned and the natural outdoors flows nicely to the indoors with plenty of windows, natural light coming through the sky lights, and beautiful water features viewed from all the rooms. The backyard was the best part because of the beautiful swimming pool. I definitely recommend R&R!"

Allison Garcia

"I absolutely recommend the R&R mansion. It is such a beautiful property with plenty of rooms, large kitchen space, fun karaoke space, and the perfect pool. They really did an excellent job bringing the outdoor aspects inside with all of the windows, sliding doors, and sky lights. This is definitely a peaceful property to stay at. The pool even has a super fun slide, jacuzzi, and the karaoke space faces the pool. Definitely a perfect property!"

Elizabeth Tervo

"I loved the R&R mansion. It was absolutely beautiful and is perfect for events, family reunions, and even just a get away. It is so close to the strip too making it really convenient to visit the busy strip but also get away to a nice hideout. The kitchen was by far my favorite aspect of the home. There is so much counter space, two refrigerators (one even plays music), two sinks, two dishwashers, and an extra long counter space perfect for entertaining."

Liz Tervo

"Such a fabulous mansion! Myself and my guests loved every moment at this property. The modern amenities pared with the indoor and outdoor aspects are to die for! You will definitely go back home wanting to make some renovations at your own home after staying at R&R. I am so glad my family and I found this property for our family reunion - it was perfect!"

Ann B.

"To describe this property in one word would be - PHENOMENAL. I was thoroughly impressed with this mansion. The way they brought the outdoor aspects inside was pure perfection - the view of water features from all rooms, the constant natural light from all the skylights. Truly beautiful. This is the perfect place to host parties, corporate events, family reunions, or even just to get away with some friends and relax. It really is versatile."

Andrew Blanc

"R&R is one of the best properties I have stayed at! I was so impressed with this property. I really enjoyed the modern design, water features throughout, and natural light coming in through the sky lights. The bedrooms and bathrooms are all greatly designed with neutral tones that are relaxing. The best part has got to be the karaoke room! The karaoke room has two large slider doors that open to the backyard overlooking the pool so you can be a part of whats going on poolside while singing with your friends to karaoke. The pool has an awesome slide and swim up bar. This is a great entertainment space or even perfect for families."

Kirsten F

"I was so lucky to find R&R!! It was such an amazing space for our event. All the guests were so impressed by the home, they couldn't stop exploring. The mansion had something for everyone. We had an awesome time playing basketball and singing karaoke and going down the awesome water slide. R&R had everything we could've wanted, for every single type of guest! Can't wait to come back soon!"

Wish Read

"R&R Mansion is awesome!! I truly loved this property. It was so beautiful with modern decor, amenities and the backyard was to die for. The slide for the pool is so much fun. I could totally see having a family reunion trip at this property. The kitchen was massive too with plenty of space to host a family, or corporate event. I definitely recommend this property!"

Rental Disclaimer

All rentals will need to be 31+ days to meet Clark County current ordinance. Other Clark County ordinances on noise level, public parking, etc. are also required to be observed. For details please refer to our Property Rental Agreement.
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